Island Art

St. John has some cute little shops and galleries that feature art from local artists. Below are a few paintings that I loved (…and are making me feel like painting something tropical). The first is by artist Lisa Etre, the second is by Ayn Riehle, and the last 2 are by artist Kristen Maize. They can all be found at the Bajo el Sol gallery, in case any of you has a beach house to decorate. 😉

Basquiat at MFA Boston

I had the great pleasure of seeing the Jean-Michel Basquiat exhibit at MFA Boston with my son on Mother’s Day. 😊 The photos don’t do them justice, especially in terms of scale, but these were a few of my favorite works.

The Clark Institute

I enjoyed a wonderful trip to The Clark Institute in Williamstown, MA today. The building, galleries, and grounds are as beautiful as the huge art collection inside. Definitely worth a trip.

Below are a few of my favorites. I love seeing the artworks up close and examining the brushstrokes. It’s just amazing to me what these artists have done with just a little paint.

Norman Rockwell Museum

Out in the Berkshires this weekend and visited the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, MA yesterday, full of classic American art. He spent many years illustrating covers of the magazine the Saturday Evening Post and made over 4000(!) paintings. I love how he captured expressions on people’s faces and told an entire story in one picture.  Also the amount of detail is really incredible.