Just sharing a few pics from vacation in the beautiful US Virgin Islands. I regret not bringing my actual camera on the trip as the views were just stunning. These were taken with just my Samsung phone.

Main Street

Just a few pics from a walk on Main Street…we’ve hit peak fall foliage here and it is simply gorgeous.

I also learned how to “pan” (to capture motion) with my camera today, which is really exciting. I was really hoping to capture a fancy sports car going by, but instead I just got this schoolbus. 😆

Mountain Road

A sun dappled mountain road on Mt. Greylock

Mount Greylock

Gorgeous fall colors and views taken today at Mount Greylock, tallest peak in Massachusetts


16″ x 20″, oil on canvas

Red Barn

16″ x 20″, oil on canvas

Beach landscape

16″ x 20″, oil on canvas

Spring Landscape

12″ x 16″, oil on canvas